School Meals

At Sacred Heart, we charge only £1.75 per school meal, the cheapest anywhere!

  • A school lunch provides 2 of your child’s ‘5 a Day’ portions of fruit and vegetables.
  • We take pride in sourcing local fresh food – our Free Range eggs come from local farms and our milk comes from cows grazed in Lancashire.
  • Our menus are planned and analysed to provide the nutrients your child needs for a healthy diet.

Please let us know if your child has been prescribed a special diet. There may be some small changes to the menu on certain days.

All our lunches are served with seasonal vegetables or as much as your child wants from the salad bars, plus pudding, yoghurt or fresh fruit.

We ask all parents to pay for school meals via Parent Pay. If you want your child to have a school lunch please contact the school office in the first instance you will then need to register your child on Parent Pay