Physical Education


The aim of Physical Education in the school is to contribute to the physical development of each child, to enable them to experience a sense of achievement through physical activity and to teach them how to co-operate with others.  To achieve these aims the school provides a balanced programme of gymnastics, games skills, dance, athletics, swimming and outdoor activities.

In gymnastics the children will meet physical challenges through movement, participating in both floor and apparatus work.

In games we aim to teach equipment handling skills, group co-operation and the need for rules, thus enabling all the children to take part in games such as netball, football, rounders etc.   In dance the children experience movement which is both expressive and creative.

Swimming has a high priority in school.  Children are made aware of the dangers of water at an early age, and taught to swim as soon as possible.  Currently swimming begins at Year 2 and continues through school to Year 6. As an extended school we offer a very wide range of after-school sports activities. The school also enters many sports competitions.

We have the use of the all-weather pitch facilities at Poolfoot Farm, the training ground for Fleetwood Town FC.

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