Teaching of Mathematics

We aim for the children to understand and be able to use the fundamentals of Mathematics. We teach children to reason mathematically and develop the thinking skills to allow them to solve problems which are the skills we feel make Mathematics relevant to life outside the classroom. We aim to foster an enjoyment and enthusiasm for Mathematics in lessons. The main focus areas (following the 2014 National Curriculum) are Number (includes place value, + – x ÷, fractions, decimals, percentages and algebra), Measurement, Geometry (includes properties of shape, position and direction), Statistics (ability to interpret and present data, ratio and proportion).

In the Foundation Stage, the children work towards the Early Learning Goals in the areas of Mathematics which comprise Number, Shape, Space and Measures. This is taught in a multitude of ways, inside and outside the classroom, through play and through specific teacher-led activities.

For our Reception class and Key Stage 1 we have a thorough, practical and skills-based curriculum, which makes progression clear for the teachers and children to see.

In Key Stage 2, we teach a balance of teaching skills, challenge and development of thinking skills through practical activities and investigation that allows the children to develop into confident mathematicians.

Throughout the school our children embed key techniques and strategies and to allow them to apply their knowledge to different problems and contexts. A range of questioning techniques allows them to demonstrate their depth of knowledge and to explore maths in a way that goes beyond rote learning.

Our curriculum is supported with a range of online interactive Maths programs to encourage the children in and out of school to practise and further develop their skills and love of Mathematics. We have introduced My Maths, a very successful internationally recognised online learning platform, to continue to build the children’s enthusiasm and skill level. From Year 3 to 6 the children thoroughly enjoy ‘Rock Stars’, an online times tables programme we feel makes a huge difference to their learning.

We know the children need to enjoy Mathematics and find it fun and learn to problem-solve through exciting and interesting challenges both inside and outside the classroom and across the whole curriculum.

Written and Mental Calculations Policy 2019

Maths Curriculum Map 2019 Whole School (1)