EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

The following areas of development are covered during the children’s first year at school:

Personal and Social and Emotional Development
Within this area our practitioners aim to develop the children’s confidence with their own abilities and skills and also to relate positively to other children and adults. Sharing and learning to be a member of a group are vital lessons learnt in their early years and build the building blocks of life.

Communication, Language and Literacy
Learning the early skills of Communication, language and literacy are vital and we plan our work around many games, phonetic and early writing activities. These build up the necessary skills needed for the structure of the literacy hour.

Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
Children work initially in a practical way to learn the early stages of mathematics; comparing, sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting in number as well as recognising patterns and shapes in the wider world.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Our modern world has so much to offer and within this area the children explore mainly through a practical play activities that will help them to understand its complexities and wonder. The children will have access to computers from their first arrival in class and we will endeavour to use modern technology wherever we can.

Physical Development
Through dance, movement, gymnastics and outdoor activities children are encouraged to explore their abilities and potential in this area of learning. The children not only concentrate on gross motor skills but also on fine motor skills. We aim through this area of learning to make your child more independent in their everyday life from zipping up their coat to holding their pencil correctly.

Creative Development
Through art, music and role play, children are encouraged to explore and use their imagination to communicate their ideas.

We ask all parents to support their children in their learning especially in their reading in their first years in school and to talk to them about their day at school.