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March Newsletter 2014

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

We are beginning our preparations for both Lent and Easter, which will culminate in the Easter Passion in Church in April.
We are also looking forward to Spring, and especially cultivating our seeds and garden areas, in the greenhouse and around school.
Mr Eaton


Thank you to Mrs Rae for all her hard work, with support from several staff, as she prepares the children for the Blackpool Music Festival on Tuesday 4th March, at Blackpool Opera House. We are really looking forward to the Electronic Dance Music special the children have been rehearsing!


We have had the 3 metre automatic screen and projector fitted in the hall, and it will have many uses, for performances, assemblies, and teaching classes! Year 3’s assembly on Friday was the first time it was used, creating a background for their Viking assembly.


Following a recent trial, we would like extend officially our contacts for absences. School can be notified by telephone or email:


On behalf of all the staff involved with the Matilda production, we would like to congratulate all the children involved in the fantastic performances. The children have utterly excelled, with superb acting, singing and dancing, particularly with all the lines they have learned.

Thank you to all of the adults and staff who have supported the children. Their dedication and commitment is mirrored in the efforts of the children, who have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful experience.


On Thursday 13th March, we are having an Infant Disco from 3.30pm to 5.15pm, and a Junior Disco 5.30pm to 7pm, which will cost £2 per child, including a drink and a hotdog. Tickets will be on sale in the playground and from the school office from Wednesday 5th March.


04/03/14 Music Festival, Opera House 6.30pm
06/03/14 World book Day
06/03/14 Netball Rally at Millfield, 3.45pm
07/3/14 Year 2 Assembly 9.05am
13/3/14 Infant Disco 3.30pm to 5.15pm, Junior Disco 5.30pm to 7pm, in the school (£2 per child)
14/3/14 Year 1 Assembly 9.05am
21/3/14 Reception class assembly 9.05am
21/3/14 Own clothes Day (payment is a present for the Mother’s Day Event)
28/3/14 Mother’s Day Event (Children bring £1 to buy a present, and have it wrapped)
3/4/14 Easter Chocolate Bingo 6pm


For the second successive year, we became Wyre
Swimming Champions! This is only the second time a school has defended the title successfully, so we are especially proud of the extraordinary effort of our talented swimmers!

Congratulations to the children for their success, and to Mrs McGreevy, Mrs Boulton and Mrs Heatley for their teaching of all of our swimmers.

Huge congratulations on becoming Wyre Swimming Champions to:
Amy Porter, Marianna Ellis-Gray, Kathryn Colluney, Ellie Baines, Safron Rogerson, Millie Rowe, Joshua Rolinson, Ronnie Almond, Kieron McNally, Sam Thorpe-Davis;
Isobel Wheeldon, Emily Urmston, James Rowe, Matthew Hayes (and to those four for becoming the Backstroke Relay Wyre Champions);
Michael Ross, Lily Eaton, Ryan McGreevy, Sophie Whiteside (and to those four for becoming the Breaststroke Relay Wyre Champions).


On Friday 7th March, it is highly likely we will not have a crossing patrol for that day. Unfortunately this coincides with us not having a crossing patrol on Holly Road from 4th to 11th March, with no sign of Lancashire County Council providing a temporary replacement. Please take care with the roads during this period.

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