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Breathing places

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The BBC is running a project over the next few weeks entitled ‘Breathing places’. The project aims to ask you to do one thing. This one thing this term is ‘spotting ladybirds’. Therefore during the half term holidays we are asking you to go on a ladybird hunt. There are many different kinds of ladybirds and you can see the list of the different ones either on the letter given to the children on by visiting

Here are the details of how to go about your hunt:

– Find a suitable place to find your ladybirds. This could be in a garden, the park, the woodland, some moorland, some marshland etc

– Take a digital camera with you if you have one and take some pictures of the ladybirds you find. You can upload these photos to the website later on.

– Look for 20 minutes for your ladybirds and record how many you find on your data sheet

– Don’t forget to look under leaves, bark and other small places to find them

– Once you have collected your data, you can submit it online by clicking onto the website link.

There is a lot of information and fascinating facts about the ladybirds on the website. The results the BBC collects will help scientists understand more about these intriguing creatures.

Have fun hunting!

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Talent Competition

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

We are holding a talent competition again, and Mrs Brodrick and Mrs Hogarth will be leading the auditions after half term and choosing children to go through to the Grand Final, so get practising your routines!

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