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Curriculum update – Year 3

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I would like to begin by saying a big Well Done to all the pupils in my class and their parents and guardians. The children have settled into Year 3 very well and their recent assessment showed that the progress that they have made is remarkable. I would like also like to take this opportunity to praise the children on their maturity whilst the building work is taking place, they are still remaining focussed on their work and come into and out of school in a mature manner.


Numeracy homework should be brought into school on a Monday, it should be placed in the homework drawer and it will be handed back the following week. Spellings will be handed out on a Monday ready for a spelling test the following Monday. It is essential that the children learn their spellings on a regular basis throughout the week, it is important that the children learn the rule as well as the words given as this will help them spell unfamiliar words in all their work. Year 3 children should be reading to an adult at least 3 times a week. Please ensure that the adult writes in their reading record.

PE kits

It is important that the children have full PE kits in school at all times. They should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. PE lessons generally take place on a Tuesday and Friday but these slots can change dependent on other activities that are taking place.


The children are expected to create another presentation this term about ‘A place in the World’. This will be part of their topic work. The presentation should be between 3- 5 minutes and can use any media. This will also link nicely to the whole school project “Flat Stanley”. Please ensure that these presentations are ready by Monday 1st March. We are also asking for volunteers to come into school to talk about their lifestyle when they were children. Ideally we are looking for a family of 3 generations (Grandparent, Parent, Child) so that Year 3 can see the changes that have occurred since 1950.

First Holy Communion

As you may be aware the children in Year 3 will be given the opportunity to make their First Reconciliation and their First Holy Communion this year. If you are interested in your child doing this please see Father Peter.

Dates for your diaries.

School Trip – Thursday 28th January

Open Evening – Thursday 4th February

Year 3 Assembly – Friday 26th February

Mrs H Hogarth

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Curriculum Spring Term year 3

Friday, January 22nd, 2010



Spring term 1 spring term2
RE Called to Change

The children will be looking at the importance of saying Sorry and learning from your mistakes. They will be reading various stories about people that have made mistakes and then changed for the better.


This topic will give the children the opportunity to look at the mass more carefully. They will gain a better understanding about what happens and why it is so significant.


This term Year 3 and Year 4 are going to develop their creative curriculum. This means that we are going to plan all our foundation subjects together around one central topic. At the beginning of each session the teacher will teach them the skills that are required for them to complete different ‘Exploration’. The children will then be allowed to choose which ‘Exploration’ they would like to complete first. This way of teaching has been tried before and was extremely successful as the children thoroughly enjoy it and they get the chance to develop more skills. The children will then know this as Topic Afternoon. During Topic Afternoon the children will be covering the following subjects.
History Britain since 1950

Throughout this topic the children will be examining how things have changed since 1950. They will hopefully get the chance to interview people of different ages and make comparisons about the way that they lived. The children will also be exploring inventions that have taken place, how the influence of music has changed and how fashion is continually changing throughout the years. Although our main focus is Britain since 1950 we will also be using our skills to see how India has changed and why there has been such a significant movement of people over the years.


A village in India

The children will be comparing two different localities, a village in India and another known location. The children will be looking at the different media to make conclusions- these include photographs, images, data and videos. We will be encouraging the children to look carefully at the lifestyle of people in India and compare it with their own.

Music Express

All the Music over the following two terms will be linked with our topic. The children will be taught the skills that they need whilst exploring ;

  • Music from different cultures
  • Changes of Music since 1950.

Over the next two terms the children will be creating a composition around a given theme.


One lesson of PE per week will be linked to our topic. In this lesson the children will have the opportunity to learn different styles of dances from the 1950 and also learn dances from other cultures. If anybody is particularly good at dancing and would like to come and share your expertise with the children please come and see Mrs Hogarth as soon as possible.

The second lesson of PE in the week will be focusing on the skills associated with Invasion games.


Data Handling

This term the children will be learning the skills associated with Data Handling. They will be exploring how to create and use a Branching tree database, a simple database and how to enter data.


The children will be creating presentations about their topic work. We will be encouraging them to use pictures and sound within their presentation.


Using links that have been created in our Topic we will be asking the children to send emails to children of a similar age throughout the World. This will also link nicely to the Flat Stanley project that is to be started in January as a whole school project. Throughout this topic the children will also be taught the advantages and disadvantages of sending emails and also discussing the dangers of talking to people that we do not really know.


Fair Trade

Linked with looking a t a village in India the children are going to be researching all about Fair Trade and why it is important. If you buy Fair Trade products or you know somebody that does please ask them to save their wrappers/ containers and send them into school.


Part of the Geography topic is looking at Refugees and asking the question “Why do people move?” Your child will be looking at the reasons why the people are forced to move and then impact that this has on the other countries.


Textured Art Work

The children will be exploring how different textures can create different effects. They are going to be creating pieces of art that represent India and England.

Mrs Upton will also be teaching Art on a Tuesday afternoon


Making Shelters

The children will be imagining that they are Refugees having to leave their home, their task will be to create a shelter using different materials.

Making Story books

The children will be creating story books about India. They will be using mechanisms such as pop up cards, sliding mechanisms etc.

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