News - After school Club and Breakfast Club provision

After school Club and Breakfast Club provision

We are delighted with the appointments made yesterday, with Mrs Angela Heatley, Mrs Johanna Carter and Miss Natlie Charnley all being successfully appointed to work in the clubs. We also have a bank of supplementary staff, from the current school staff, willing to assist in the club when necessary.

We will be opening these clubs after Easter, on Tuesday 26th April. The Breakfast club will be open from 7.30am until 8.50am and the after school club will run from 3.30pm until 5.45pm. The children will be escorted to and from class, internally through school, and the clubs will be held in Preschool (outside of the operating hours)

A registration form will need completing prior to attendance. There is NO registration fee.

In terms of booking the places at the clubs, we need 24h notice prior to your child attending, to ensure we have a place available and to help coordinate staffing. We will have the expected activities at both the breakfast and after school clubs, including drinks and snacks, opportunities for outdoor play, quiet areas, craft and activities and an X-box Kinect with games.

If you are interested, please complete the registration form available in the office . The staff will contact you to check the provision required and to discuss payment arrangements for the childcare. Please note that the booking forms will need to be handed in before the start of each term to coordinate staffing. An invoice will be sent to you before the start of each term/month and payments will need to be made in advance. The place for your child will be then confirmed after the payment has been made.

For any queries or emergencies related to the Breakfast and After School clubs please contact Angela Heatley on 07538924508 (After school club phone number).